Research residency with Lisa Da Boit at Tipperary Danse as part of the partnership between Grand Studio (Belgium) and Tipperary Danse (Ireland), 28h August to 8th September, 2023.

 Manos respirando, creative residency with Lisa Da Boit at Le Boson, Brussels, 21th to 25th August, 2023.


Performance Langue Vagabonde, avec Marina Gasparini, September 17h 2022, 18h. ODRADEK residence, Rue Américaine 35, 1050 Brussels.




Text, texture, textile, ODRADEK residence, with Marina Gasparini, M. Gronwald, M. Kunz, M. Louis, J. Paternoster, E. Saignes, F. Seffer, September 2002. Rue Américaine 35, 1050 Brussels.



Linda Nochlin Fanzine, 3rd issue, October 2021, cover: Meggy Rustamova

50 years ago, in January 1971, Linda Nochlin's essay Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists? was published in ARTnews magazine. Few art historians have been as influential, prolific and radical as Nochlin who, between 1960 and 2017, wrote seventeen books and countless articles in which she socially and historically examined, commented on and argued for equality for women in the arts. To mark the 50th anniversary of the essay, KIOSK aims to contextualise Nochlin's work and that of artists and writers, activists or designers who identify as women, in the creation of a set of 4 FANZINES. KIOSK's LINDA NOCHLIN FANZINE is published online on in a pdf that can be printed at home. (from